CONTACT’s Privacy Policy


Contact is a SaaS technological platform for efficient data extraction and processing from WEB/Mobile devices.

In addition CONTACT AI enables artificial intelligence which is synchronised with unique data extraction and processing mechanisms.

I confirm that my use of CONTACT AI services constitutes full acceptance of the terms of this agreement.

The use of information:

The information I will receive from CONTACT AI is for my personal use only as a CONTACT AI member. I undertake not to transfer any data or part of it to any third party person or entity except for the use of internal algorithms between contact members only if they authorised to do so due to their private confidential policy.

CONTACT AI will collect information about your drivers, services you have purchased, information you have read, the pages your customers have viewed, the offers and services that have interested you, the location of the end device through which you access the website, etc. CONTACT AI will keep the information in its databases.

The use of this data, as well as the data you provide during the process of registering for the various services of CONTACT AI, will be done only in accordance with this privacy policy or according to the provisions of any law - and this for the purposes listed below: to allow you to use various services of CONTACT AI, to allow businesses to identify the the customers with whom they performed service, to allow customers to identify the businesses that provided them with service, to improve and enrich the services and content offered by CONTACT AI, including creating new services and content that match the users' requirements and expectations, to modify or cancel existing services and content, to ensure that the payments are indeed paid, make sure that the obligations of customers and businesses are fulfilled, create various statistics and metadata, and more.

CONTACT AI may occasionally send you mail, sms, e-mail and/or any other digital means - information about its services. At any time you can demand to stop receiving it.

Termination of engagement:

CONTACT AI is a SaaS platform that operates on a monthly subscription basis. The users entering into this agreement may stop their payment at any given moment.

CONTACT AI may unilaterally terminate the contract with a customer if the terms of CONTACT’s policy has been violated.


I know that CONTACT AI is used as a conduit for data transferring between surfers and businesses and nothing else. The information transmitted by CONTACT does not come in place, but in addition to all the checks and inquiries that the surfers should make in relation to the businesses.

CONTACT AI does not undertake to carry out independent inquiries and tests regarding the quality of the services of service providers, their level, their licences and any other parameter concerning the business and does not bear responsibility for all of these. The decision to order any business service is at the discretion of the user alone.

I understand that CONTACT AI does not accept any liability for compensation of any kind for any damage caused as a result of using the information provided to users.

I understand that CONTACT AI does not guarantee the correctness of any information regarding the business's licensing, insurance, number of years in the field, etc… CONTACT AI does not undertake to take any measures to check its correctness and up-to-dateness.Without deviating from the above, I release CONTACT AI from any responsibility for any damage that may be caused to me as a direct or indirect result of using the information provided to me.

Validity of the agreement and changes:

This agreement describes the terms applicable to your use of CONTACT AI Services. Questions regarding this agreement can be directed to the company by email at The company may change this agreement at any time. Changes or additions will appear on the company's website and will take effect thirty days from the date of their publication on the website.


The copyrights on the contents that are uploaded within the contact forms by users themselves, therefore copyrights including photos, content and videos belong to the subscribed users only and the users will be fully responsible for their usage.

Registration for services:

Some of CONTACT's services require registration. As part of the registration, you will be required to provide personal information, such as the name of the business, your phone number and your email address. The fields, which must be filled in, will be explicitly marked. Without providing the requested data in the mandatory fields, you will not be able to register for the services that require registration. Since CONTACT AI requests information necessary for the service you have signed up for, in some of the services you will be asked to add and provide additional data, which is required by the nature of the service.


Contact uses cookies for the regular and proper operation of the CONTACT’s platform, including statistical usages, details verification and adjusting to your personal preferences and information security needs. "Cookies" are text files, which your browser creates according to a command from CONTACT AI’s users. If you do not want to receive cookies, you can avoid this by changing the settings in your browser; however, disabling cookies may enable you to use some of the services and features on the CONTACT’s platform.

Data Security:

CONTACT implements advanced systems and procedures for information security. While these systems and procedures reduce the risks of unauthorised intrusion, both in the cloud and not in the cloud. CONTACT does not guarantee that the marketing data will be completely immune from unauthorised access to the information stored in them.

Changes to the privacy policy:

CONTACT may change the provisions of the privacy policy from time to time with prior notice of these changes.